How Deviant Powers Work in ‘ETERNALS’

It’s always fascinating to look at how the MCU keeps their villains fresh. More often than not, the villains and their henchmen tend to be just mere brawlers. But in the case of Eternals, the people behind this film seem to be taking interesting swings at how the villainous Deviants will be portrayed. According to producer Nate Moore:

The Deviants in the comics are called the changing people and no two look the same. So in our film, no two Deviants will look the same. When they kill off a predator in the film, they take the shape of that predator. So there’s a bat-like Deviant, there’s a wolf-like Deviant, there’s even Deviants that look like all sorts of creatures from myth and legend and history.

This certainly explains why the Deviants we see in the trailers look like animals. Though the question still stands as to how Thanos, who has the Deviant gene in him, somehow bypassed this ability. Perhaps the Mad Titan’s Deviant aspect will end up being exclusive to the comics and not the films. Regardless, it’ll be exciting to see these shapeshifting powers come to life when the film comes out.

Source: IGN

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