‘Eternals’ Producer Nate Moore Talks ‘Avengers 5’

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While Eternals is being described as Marvel Studios’ most ambitious project. It’s a tall statement after the insanity that was Avengers: Endgame. Of course, it also opens up the floodgate of questions if they could ever truly top the last entry as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes come together once more. There still hasn’t been an announcement for the fifth entry in the franchise, but ComicBook.com used the chance to discuss it while visiting the set of Chloé Zhao‘s new film. In an interview with producer Nate Moore, he had the following to say on it:

I think you can, or you can not, you know what I mean? And I think, Avengers 4 was called Endgame for a reason. We haven’t really talked in a real way about what an Avengers 5 would be even. We could build towards it or we could just say, ‘Hey, here’s a standalone Avengers movie.’ And I think as long as the story was strong and interesting enough people will come and see it.

Nate Moore

Moore does go on to say that while they could make a standalone project, they love leaving breadcrumbs and letting these crossover storylines grow throughout the films.

We’re kind of nerds so we like to build towards things and we like to spread bread crumbs and see where they come… But yeah, and I think audiences also kind of want to be surprised. So, to some degree, we don’t want to say, ‘You saw that trick, let’s do that trick again.’ What’s the new way to surprise people if, and when we did an Avengers movie, what would be the funnest version of that?”

Nate Moore

When discussing the potential of Jonathan Majors‘ Kang the Conqueror becoming the franchise’s next main antagonist, the Marvel Studios producer didn’t give a clear answer but teased that the world is their oyster with this new film.

It could be anything. Do you go the opposite and make the stakes really personal and small, because what’s bigger than Endgame? You know what I mean? How do we make the stakes bigger than that?” The universe is going to collapse? I don’t know. Or is it there another way where, ‘Oh, here’s a really clever Mission: Impossible style Avengers movie that gets to be smaller. Again, all ideas we can play with, but I do feel like the door’s a bit open and audiences will be kind of game to follow us

Nate Moore

The potential of a smaller story to bring together the Avengers is an interesting idea. The team has a revolving door of members. So, not every story needs to introduce every single character we’ve met along the way. Of course, they could also do what they did with the first entries by building up throughout various films before the true big bad shows his face.

Source: ComicBook

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