Hailee Steinfeld Describes the Emotional Moment She Landed Her ‘Hawkeye’ Role

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With Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye set to premiere next week, people are anxious to see what’s next for Clint Barton. The introduction of his co-archer Kate Bishop is also exciting fans more so than ever, as actress Hailee Steinfeld is already getting rave reviews for her performance as Kate. While Marvel Studios executive producer Trinh Tran has previously said that Steinfeld was the Studios’ “go-to girl” for Kate Bishop, the actress recently opened up to Cosmopolitan about the emotional moment she learned that she landed the role:

When I found out I got the job, I was actually pulling up to set on Dickinson. My driver got out of the car and went to open my door and I held it shut because it was like, “I need a moment.” I hadn’t gotten a “you got the job” call in a minute. My mom was on the phone and I started crying in the back seat of the car. I was like, “Wow, this is so wild.” I was trying to wrap my head around how different it was going to be from Dickinson and how ready but anxious I was about the whole thing.

Hailee Steinfeld

The actress landing the role was arguably emotional for fans as well. Rumors upon rumors floated around regarding whether or not Steinfeld had signed on for the role. Multiple project delays affected her ability to take the job, but eventually, it was clear that Steinfeld would be taking her place in Hawkeye after we got the first photos and videos of her on set. While audiences will be able to judge for themselves when Hawkeye drops on November 24th, it seems likely that Steinfeld’s turn as Kate Bishop is a casting that will be celebrated all-around.

Source: Forbes, Cosmopolitan

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