New Skittles ‘No Way Home’ Promotion Includes Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man

spiderman garfield

It looks like a Russian promotion for Skittles may have once again added fuel to the fire that is the mystery surrounding Spider-Man: No Way Home. Twitter user @SpiderMan3news noticed a promotion that ties into the upcoming Marvel Studios-Sony production. Yet, the bigger surprise is that the image involved in it isn’t of Tom Holland‘s titular webhead but rather Andrew Garfield‘s. He is only seen on the billboard on the promotional website, but it mainly plays the trailer we saw release in August. It’s quite a curious slip-up, or potentially just a promotion that accidentally leaked online earlier than expected.

At this point, his potential involvement seems like the worst kept secret in Hollywood. Garfield has openly denied and then retracted the same statement when asked. We’ve seen quite a few teases and hints leak through promotional material or even merchandise. Just recently, the updated design for Spider-Man’s new Black-Gold costume was unveiled through the latest Hot Toy update. So, you never know what else might get unveiled through some kind of promotional material next? Here’s wondering when we’ll get the next trailer. So far, we still haven’t seen a poster for the film.

source: Skittles Promo via Twitter

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