New Look at Spider-Man Hot Toy Offers Updated Magical Black-Gold Suit

spider man 3 suit

Long before the first trailer found its way online, we’ve seen quite a few of the new costumes for Spider-Man through the toy releases. No Way Home will continue the tradition of Peter gaining a variety of suits as he progresses through the story. The first trailer dropped and gave us our first glimpse at the upcoming film. Curious though, the new gold and black suit were only featured briefly as Spidey seems to be running through a F.E.A.S.T. center.

Luckily, Hot Toys has offered an update on their 1:6 figure of the new suit that showcases some of the accessories. It once again confirms that he’ll make use of some magical webbing. The big question was if this costume was just his regular costume inverted, as it seemed to resemble the costume when he inverted it during Spider-Man: Homecoming. The closer look does highlight that design but there’s a curious new detail. Peter’s new suit has a magical gauntlet attached to the arms and is now more connected to the fingers.

There’s also the fact that he doesn’t have the red fingers that were included in other designs of this suit. We even saw this model with it earlier on, which implies that they dropped it at some point in development. It’s not even included with the hand variants anymore that let you customize the design. There’s a good chance the suit is created from those gauntlets that may act as the source for his webbing. We still don’t know when this costume might come into play, as he faces off against some familiar faces from cinematic past. Here’s hoping that the next trailer offers an even better look at the design in action.

Source: Twitter, TNS Figures

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