‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Funko Pops Offer Closer Look at Anti-Ock Inspired Suit

spider man no way home funko pop

That didn’t take long. Just yesterday, we found a listing for the upcoming Funko Pops inspired by Spider-Man: No Way Home. Well, it looks like the Funko Pops already found their way online via Marvel. What stands out is that it includes Doctor Strange holding a shovel, which is a rather curious detail. It also confirms which suits are given the respective title and it seems I was off by quite a bit. Check out the Funko Pops right here:



The Iron Spider combo is the Integrated Suit that was listed. It seems the Gold Suit wasn’t just a gold-covered figurine but the black and gold mesh teased through the LEGO set. It’s interesting to note they connected the hat costume to a set that was inspired by Spider-Man: Homecoming and it’ll be interesting to see why Peter creates this suit. In Far From Home, it was made through Stark technology. So, perhaps he gets back to Happy to build it after his previous suit didn’t work. What makes this design stand out is that it seems strongly inspired by the 2018 Insomniac game’s Anti-Ock suit. Perhaps he might upgrade his arsenal to take on the confirmed return of Alfred Molina in the iconic role. The additionally leaked Legends figurines showcase red fingertips for the design, which are absent with the Funko Pops.



It’s also noticeable that the pops focus primarily on Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. Even as many other classic characters are rumored to appear, it seems very unlikely they’ll reveal everything so early. The film is set to release this December and there is enough time to tease the overarching plot of the film. Doctor Strange seems to have a more prominent role in the promotion and might be. the dominant figure in the film’s first trailer. All we can do now is just wait for it to finally release.

Source: Twitter, Marvel

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