James Gunn Declares ‘WandaVision’ As The “First MCU” Show

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There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the canonicity of Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, or even the Netflix series. Loki added the concept of the Sacred Timeline into the Marvel Cinematic Universe that may have put Marvel TV’s shows in a strange limbo. No one openly wants to confirm or deny their connection to the overarching stories developed by Marvel Studios. Early seasons of SHIELD had some strong connections to overarching events in the films but started to distance themselves as the story continued to unfold. The first film acknowledgment of a series was James D’Arcy‘s return as Edwin Jarvis in Avengers: Endgame. Well, James Gunn took to Twitter discussing MCU actors that appeared in DCEU projects and vice-versa. In it, he also made a clear statement regarding the former Marvel TV series.

He also went on to clarify that there wasn’t as much communication between Marvel TV and Marvel Studios as we thought. There were implications they got some of the older assets to recreate iconic locations such as the Triskellion. Well, Gunn states that there wasn’t any coordination between the two companies.

We do know there was some communication regarding events, as Agents of SHIELD did tie its release around Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘s twist. The big difference is that the mentioned WandaVision series was not only produced in its entirety by Marvel Studios, but it is also part of their complete roadmap. While story elements connected to the films, they didn’t build upon any from the series like how Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will continue Wanda’s story from her Disney+ series. There was still no reference to the newly formed spy organization at the tail-end of SHIELD‘s final season. Of course, it doesn’t mean the story could never be part of the MCU. There is still the likelihood of Marvel TV’s old series acting as part of the multiverse that is independent of the rest. Of course, Kevin Feige and his team could surprise us and add more elements from the shows in the near future that pay tribute to the Marvel TV projects but add their own spin.

Source: Twitter (MCU), Twitter (Coordination)

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