EXCLUSIVE: Why The ‘KOTOR’ Remake Took So Long

This month’s PlayStation State of Play was a treat not only for fans of the usual first-party console exclusives but also for Star Wars fans. It was revealed in the presentation that the Knights of the Old Republic game that defined a generation of Star Wars in the mid-2000s was getting a full-blown remake by Aspyr.

The wait for this game was lengthy, to say the least, with the announcement happening 16 years after the sequel came out in 2005. I spoke with Star Wars: Visions producer and Lucasfilm VP for Franchise Content, James Waugh, and asked why it took so long to get a KOTOR remake going when younger games are getting remade left and right.

It’s such a great game. That’s a great question. Again, it’s a remake of my favorite Star Wars game of all time. It’s definitely a part of the Legends impression of Star Wars. I think it took a long time to find the right group [Aspyr] to want to do it well. And I think it was just time to share this moment in Star Wars history with a new audience.

One can only imagine just how a next-gen remake of the most beloved RPGs of the 21st century could look like. This announcement alone has sparked new speculation as to whether this remake is a precursor for a canonical Darth Revan appearance in the main Star Wars continuity. Whatever the case is, we cannot wait to see Darth Revan again.

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