Victoria Alonso Promises More Animation and Teases an MCU Musical

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We got the grand announcement that long-time Marvel Studios employee, Victoria Alonso, got a well-deserved promotion to President of Production. In her interview with the Hollywood Reporter, she teases the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe while also promising that we can expect a lot more on their animation front. We’ve heard early on that they aim to expand their animation efforts for quite some time, and it looks like What If…? was quite a success for them. Yet, she even goes on to tease that we might see some more singing in the future of the franchise. It looks like a musical might be on the horizon for the franchise.

We have an absolutely incredible group of people who are bringing their many talents to the exciting slate of films and series we have on the horizon, and I’m especially thrilled about ramping up our studio’s animation efforts, which is a personal passion of mine. Look forward to more singing!

Victoria Alonso

The interesting comment is that she points out there will be “more singing,” but we haven’t had any real musical elements in existing projects. Perhaps she is implying the opening songs for WandaVision, which paid tribute to sitcoms from the past and had some songs included. Of course, it could also be an implication on the Roger musical that got teased in the first trailer for Hawkeye. It would be hilarious if they turned the musical into a Hamilton-inspired special on Disney+. There’s some fun if they start exploring unique aspects of the franchise that can act as independent projects.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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