Disney+’s ‘What If’ Teased As The First of Many Marvel Studios Animation Series

Marvel Studios animation

Ever since the birth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008 with the premiere of Iron Man, Marvel Studios has kept expanding and keeping Stan Lee‘s vision alive on the silver screen. Over the years, Marvel Studios has found ways to entertain us with its shared universe franchise across 24 films. They’ve produced new and innovative stories that often expand across all 4 corners of their universe.

With the development of Phase 4, Marvel Studios has gone on to find new ways to tell its stories beyond movies and expanding into long-form storytelling. In the case of the upcoming Disney+ series, What If, Marvel took a chance on creating its first animated series for the MCU. It seems it may not be the only animated show coming from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as revealed by production and development executive Dana Vasquez on LinkedIn.



This is our first hint at the franchise expanding with other animated series. We already know that Marvel Studios is already developing a second season of What If, but this post indicates the production studio saw a lot of potential in this new format. And they’ve definitely been looking for more animators to join their teams. Daujenae Harps, a Senior Recruiter at The Walt Disney Company, shared several job listings for animators to join Marvel Animation Studios.

It appears as though Marvel Studios is looking to tell stories that would often seem impossible to tell via their movie formats in the form of animated series. Whether or not these series could tie into the larger scale MCU remains to be seen. If Marvel Studios is responsible for these series, it would seem likely they might tie into the multiverse in some way.

It does open doors for characters to make their way to the small screen of the MCU and tell stories that would, more often than not, be omitted in the films. There have been rumblings of a potential series based on Power Pack and we could even see What If characters get their own spin-offs. Either way, we can’t wait to see what more Marvel has to offer in the future with its animation team!

Source: LinkedIn (Animation) LinkedIn (Job Listings)

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