D23: Marvel Studios Confirms Identity of Two Major ‘Secret Invasion’ Characters

Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney Plus streaming series Secret Invasion is all about..secrets. And for quite some time, the studio kept some major secrets about the identities of the characters played by several members of the cast. Coming out of D23, the first trailer for the series featured looks at several of those characters and later, in an official press release, Marvel gave up SOME of the secrets about who is playing who.

According to the official release, Olivia Colman will debut as Special Agent Sonya Falsworth and Kingsley Ben-Adir as Rebel Skrull leader Gravik. The Falsworth name has quite a legacy in Marvel Comics as members of the family have served as Union Jack. While Sonya seems to be a character newly created just for the MCU, it’s possible she’ll have a connection to the Union Jack name and be an ancestor of James Montgomery Falsworth, who served alongside Captain America in WWII as a Howling Commando.

Ben-Adir’s Gravik seems to be an entirely new character, though a Skrull named Granok did exist in the comics and was a bit of a radical, as it seems is Gravik. Whatever the case, Ben-Adir’s character has a long history with Mendelsohn’s Talos, though exactly what the nature of their relationships is/was, remains to be seen.

Secret Invasion is set to stream on Disney Plus early in 2023.

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