New ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Concept Art Teases Black Panther’s ‘War for Wakanda’ Expansion

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Marvel’s Avengers has some major updates heading our way with August’s Black Panther expansion being a highlight. Currently, the Red Room is back to celebrate the release of Black Widow, but all eyes are on the upcoming Omega-Level Threat that finally releases after getting teased since the release of Kate Bishop. Sadly, we’re still waiting for the secretive Cloning Labs but it’s even more exciting to think we can tackle it with Black Panther once he releases August. We’re still a month away but Crystal Dynamics shared a glimpse at the upcoming expansion. Let’s start with some key visuals offering a glimpse at



They’ve offered some details on the game, especially that they reworked every asset to fit the Wakandan-theme. So, you can expect some classic items adapting to the new environment, which will make it stand out from the AIM theme we have had throughout the year. We’ll also see the blending of modern Wakandan technology with some traditional elements, which is highlighted in the temple that we got a brief glimpse of in the latest trailer.



We’ve also got a look at their approach to the new environment. they’ve promised explorable caves with various secrets hidden within. We got a brief glimpse of Vibranium-infused glyphs. They even showcased an in-game screenshot to showcase there will be more verticality with this new biome. So, the traversal will be more dangerous, as they are trying to make the environments more engaging.



There was also a tease of the new Outpost, which will be in the capital of Wakanda. Overall, the concept art is very promising and truly feels like it could be part of its own game. Crystal Dynamics teased a special guest for next week, which might finally be the reveal of the character’s voice actor, who has been heavily rumored to be Christopher Judge. Hopefully, we’ll also get some gameplay soon as a new trailer and War Table video got teased for the near future. We’re only a few weeks away before we finally visit Wakanda.

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