New ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Concept Art Offers First Look at Daniel Craig’s Scrapped Cameo

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While Doctor Strange‘s travel through the Multiverse of Madness wasn’t as cameo-filled as many hoped, it still gave us some great bloody cameos. The return of Patrick Stewart as Chares Xavier stole the show alongside the fan-casting-turned-reality with John Krasinsky as Mr. Fantastic. Still, there’s always a little sense of what might have been when first teases came of what sadly had to get scrapped due to the pandemic.

Among them was the MCU debut of Daniel Craig as Balder the Brave. Not only would he have been the Illuminati’s stand-in for Thor but also open up the Norse mythology. Of course, the biggest shame is that we almost had 007 but luckily concept artist Darrell Warner has given us a first look at what the character would’ve looked like if they managed to go through with it.

While it seems like a one-time chance to make it a reality, we’re still in the middle of Marvel Studios’ Multiverse Saga. So, there’s still a chance they might revisit the character in a future entry such as through Secret Wars. We still don’t know if this character actually ever existed in the mainline MCU.

So, we’ll see if they’ll potentially use him as a way to force Thor to explore more secrets that his father has kept from his family. Considering he got a surprise sister in Thor: Ragnarok, maybe a new half-brother is the perfect addition to pushing him further off the cliff after all the loss he had to endure up until now. Only time will tell if they will make this a reality after all.

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