‘Black Panther 3’ No Sure Thing for Director Ryan Coogler

Early word on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever would seem to indicate that director Ryan Coogler followed up 2018’s Black Panther, which stands as Marvel Studios greatest critical success, with another well-received blockbuster. To follow up the beloved first film with another hit after losing star Chadwick Boseman to cancer would be no small feat. According to Coogler, who had to start from scratch after the death of his friend, the process has been difficult.

In an interview with Variety, Coogler spoke about the process of making Wakanda Forever and what the future holds.

This movie got everything I have. I’m at that place where I think I’ve got this press tour in me and then I’ve got to sit down and reflect. Probably cry a lot, because I’ve been holding that back. And then from there, figure out whatever’s next.

Ryan Coogler

A third Black Panther film might seem like sure thing, especially given the nature of the plot of Wakanda Forever, but at the moment, Coogler isn’t sure if he’s ready to take it on, “I have no idea what I’m doing next as a writer and director.” Though finishing the trilogy without Coogler doesn’t seem possible, Marvel Studios One-Above-All Kevin Feige admits that it has to remain a possibility. “I go back to what I said when we decided to make ‘Wakanda Forever’ after losing Chad,” said the head honcho of Marvel Studios. “This mythology and this ensemble and these characters deserve to continue and will continue after all of us are gone, I hope, and will continue forever in movies the way it has in comics for 50-plus years.

However, with so much time and effort invested into building the World of Wakanda for the MCU, it’s impossible to imagine that Coogler doesn’t something in mind for a third film. Feige confirmed that he and Coogler have has some “ideas pitched back and forth” and that conversations have taken place about the director returning to helm a third film. As Feige says, though he’s open to continuing without Coogler, it “wouldn’t be the preference.

With so much of Marvel Studios slate over the next 3+ years already determined, the good news is that there’s no rush for Coogler to make the call.

Source: Variety

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