New Line Cinema Teases the Return of ‘Friday the 13th’

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In an age of legacy sequels and classic franchises getting a second chance, it always feels like a question of time before a franchise gets another reboot of some kind. Scream just recently managed to offer a new look at the iconic slasher Ghostface with a returning cast from the originals continuing the storyline. Now, it seems that New Line Cinema is teasing the return of another iconic horror icon.

IN a rather simple Instagram post, New Line Cinema has posted what looks like a phone notification hinting at Jason Voorhees, the iconic slasher lead of the Friday the 13th franchise, sending a message through Instagram. It’s difficult to not take this as a tease that a sequel of some kind is in development. There’s been quite a few rumors that something was in development, even Michael Bay‘s Platinum Dunes working on a potential reboot of Friday the 13th after being involved with the 2009 remake.

Until now, the last time we saw Jason in action was in the 2009 version, which was directed by Marcus Nispel. What was actually quite a great new take on the franchise sadly didn’t quite make the splash many hoped it would at the box office and never got a sequel. Simply titled Friday the 13th, it was a perfect jumping-off for a new franchise but it never moved forward.

Ironically, the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street faced a similar issue of reviving the cult classic but not getting the same critical reception. It also didn’t manage to continue the franchise but a potential successful remake of Friday the 13th could also see a new attempt to bring back Freddy Krueger as well. Considering Chucky got a second life with direct-to-DVD sequels and a TV series, horror is in a good place right now

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