New Look at Hot Toys Figure for Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman’

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Every time a new superhero-themed film releases, everyone is already keeping their eye out for the collectibles. Hot Toys has become a hot spot for great-looking figurines of the iconic characters and with the release of Robert Pattinson‘s The Batman, it was only a question of time before we get a good l.ook at the figurine. Luckily, Reddit user Rishav27Sarkar shared some photos from the Hot Toys Secret Base that offered a first look at the figurine’s full design, some of his gadgets, and even the inclusion of his motorcycle.


Getting a closer look at the motorcycle does reveal the “bat” inspiration on the front of its design, as the film takes place in a more grounded reality without a lot of the flair that previous versions of the character had.

r/hottoys - The Batman (Hot Toys Secret Base)

It’s still one of the best designs for the Dark Knight to come out, especially with its armored plating-inspired design and the unique Bat symbol on the front. It still has that flair that you expect from a man dressed as a bat, while still keeping some elements of realism to it. We also see in the trailers that this new design helps him take on a few more bullets, which adds an interesting tension and question how long this armor will be able to hold up if he tries to block as many shots as he can. No matter the answer, this model is definitely a must-own for anyone who loves the film and Batman in general.

Source: Reddit

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