‘Power Rangers’ 30th Season Will Be a Third ‘Dino Fury’ Season

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There are quite a few franchises that manage to stay relevant decades later. This year alone, many iconic franchises from across the world are celebrating their anniversaries, be it Persona, Final Fantasy, One Piece, and more. Yet, there’s one other big franchise that is getting ready for a massive shake-up as it hits its next milestone. Power Rangers is about to enter its 30th season soon and while the Netflix series is still in development, Hasbro has not forgotten the franchise that put it on the map. As such, they have revealed that the 30th season is in development and they are mixing things up.

Unlike previous entries, the Power Rangers teams would get replaced after two seasons. Now, they have decided to keep the Dino Fury team together as they’ll return for a third season, which is now titled Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury. It marks the first time a team has remained for more than two seasons since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Simon Bennett is also set to return as executive producer.

It’s definitely great to see them give the team another go and who knows if it’ll end with a third season if they are following the original trajectory of the Mighty Morphin era. Perhaps this season acts as a tribute to the many storylines that came before, especially if they are including the wording “cosmic” in the name, perhaps we’ll get some Power Rangers In Space callbacks throughout or any other cosmic. Whatever they may include, it’s going to be exciting to see how it comes together.

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