New ‘Ms. Marvel’ Concept Art Reveals Alternative Captain Marvel Cosplay

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Ms. Marvel just recently came to an end and wrapped up the Disney+ series on a high note. What started off with some of the most memorable entries for Marvel Studios’ venture into long-form storytelling, introducing the world to one of its most culturally relevant. We even get a fun version of Kamala Khan’s time admiring Captain Marvel and see her cosplaying as the hero during Avenger Con.

Now, artist Karla Ortiz took to her Twitter page to share a new look at some alternative Captain Marvel cosplays that Kamala would’ve worn. Considering Brie Larson‘s hero wore a surprising amount of costumes throughout, it does seem like they played around with which color tone they’d might take with the character.

Here’s hoping we get some more concept art that teases how the original plan was for the series to develop. You never know what may have changed from the conceptual time mapping out the project to bring it to life. Ms. Marvel was also affected by COVID which likely led to quite a few changes happening as they mapped out their scripts but adapted to whatever was possible.

It’s still crazy to think that our first look at Ms. Marvel was during 2020’s Disney Investors Day before we even saw a single thing from Hawkeye. They likely had to adapt some aspects of the project and were adjusting to whatever the pandemic had heading their way. So, who knows just how much it may have changed, which is always an exciting prospect as well.

Source: Twitter

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