New ‘Ms. Marvel’ Concept Art Teases Alternative Powers Inspired by Video Games

ms marvel concept art

The new powers by Ms. Marvel were certainly something that had people up in arms ever since the first tease leaked long before the show ever aired on Disney+. Purple constructs have seemingly become a new part of her base ability that also lend themselves to further exploring their origins. Not only did they take a new direction with her origin, but it seems the powers went through quite a few variations.

Visual Development Supervisor Jackson Sze shared a look at what was one of the earlier designs for Ms. Marvel”s abilities that seems closer to a video game-inspired take. The way her powers leave an entire trail seems almost like they were going to take some inspiration from Super Mario or Sonic in how they manifest.

The visuals actually look great but it’s unclear what may have inspired their direction to give it a purple glow. They may have also wanted to save money to avoid having too many glowing constructs demanding a lot of on-screen presence. Ms. Marvel did offer a unique take on what it means to be a superhero and explored the relevance of history influencing people in the modern day.

There’s still no announcement for a second season, but here’s hope that they may have the interest to expand the project even as the show didn’t break any real records when it comes to its viewer base. However, the stronger focus on Gen Z viewers may have given them the possibility to expand the viewer base for future Marvel projects.

Source: Twitter

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