Official Trailer Released for Disney+ Mini-Series ‘Pixar Popcorn’

Pixar’s latest film Soul was a huge success for the company. It was a critical darling and even managed to add 2.3 million installations for Disney+. Now, they are getting ready for their next project, as they just released a trailer for Pixar Popcorn. It is a brand new collection of mini-shorts that feature characters from their various films. So, unlike their Sparkshorts, these take place within the individual films. It seems the stories will revisit some of our favorite characters no matter what small of a role they had in the original. It is great that even their latest releases aren’t excluded. Check out the trailer for the collection right here:

It looks like a wholesome treat to those that just wanted a bit more from Pixar. This isn’t their first series on the streaming service, as they did have some fun with the Pixar in Real Life series, which offered some fun pranks with our familiar characters. Now, this mini-series collection isn’t our first true long-form story from the animation studio. That will be Win or Lose, which won’t release for some time. It is still great that they are adding some smaller series to still provide some content from their library. Animation isn’t an easy task and takes a lot of time, so it is natural they won’t be releasing one series after another in short succession. It is also completely new territory for the studio, so they might be trying to make sure they get it just right. So, let’s enjoy this new mini-series as we revisit some of our favorite Pixar worlds on January 22.



Source: Rotten Tomatoes, Bloomberg, Twitter, Twitter (Poster)

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