New Details on ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Spider-Man and Raid DLC

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It looks like more information has found its way online on the upcoming November 30th expansion of Marvel’s Avengers. Not only will PlayStation owners get access to a new character in the always popular Spider-Man, but we also will embark on the game’s biggest endgame content offering in the “Discordant Sound” raid. earlier today we got our first footage of the character, but some additional reports have added some curious new details to his addition.

It seems the story will include some new additional NPC characters that may or may not have a story later down the line. His college classmate Liz Allen will be found at the Ant Hill as well as Mark Raxton, who becomes the Molten Man in the comics. Crystal Dynamics played coy on if he might take a villainous turn at some point. While most of the story is told through files, it’s great to see them expand the world.


Let’s start off with the new playable hero. There has been some debate, especially in IGN’s coverage, about how Spider-Man swings from one location to the next. Forbes’ Paul Tassi has highlighted that it comes quite close to what Insomniac offers which is impressive given the restrictions. He does swing off of “nothing” but that is something one has to suspend disbelief in for any game, as he did the same in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 due to playability being prioritized.


The character also comes with a new status effect based on his webs. He’s more of a crowd-control and support character in the game. It’s a curious direction but his new web abilities support that direction and make him stand out from the rest. Yes, he is a strong fighter but has the ability to help out the team when they are getting swarmed by enemies, which will be a recurring issue in the upcoming raid. He also has different web shooter variants, which include a charge shot and web bombs. You can even knock enemies against a wall and web them up.


Speaking of, it seems that the entire raid has been built from the ground up just for this mission. The giant Klaue fight that has been teased for quite some time takes up half of the game, which is an exciting prospect of that giant constantly taking you down. You can also expect traditional bosses and mini-bosses. Communication is key, and while they’re still working on a join-in-progress offering, it’s good to play with people you know well.

Source: Forbes, GameInformer

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