‘Peacemaker’ Pop Up Offers a Closer Look at More Helmets

peacemaker helmets

Peacemaker is almost upon us just a few months after his first live-action appearance in The Suicide Squad. He is quite the oddball, on a quest for peace that includes killing anyone and anything that gets in his way, sporting a colorful outfit and a chrome dome that helps him stick out like a sore thumb even more than he did before. His helmet is his most iconic feature, and it seems the Peacemaker series is going to run wild with infinite possibilities as to what these helmets could be.

The past few trailers for Peacemaker have given us a look at a few new helmets in the series. We get a glimpse at Christopher Smith’s base of operations that includes a display case full of unique helmets, which in the comics have different functions. A new pop-up event for the HBO Max series features a display case with a few new helmets that we have yet to see before and gives us names for said helmets.

One of the first helmets is an “Underwater World” that most likely gives him the ability to breathe and see underwater. The next is reminiscent of his early helmets, featuring an obscenely and comically large fin that’s dubbed the “Screwdriver.” His final helmet is called the “Itchy Dan” and is a basic Peacemaker but instead features a forehead of spikes that could prove quite useful in a headbutting match. It’ll be interesting to see if he wears these helmets or if they are simply a closer look at what else his display case includes.

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