‘Persona 5’ Mobile Beta Reveals When it Takes Place After the Original

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There were many questions once the reveal came for Persona 5: The Phantom X. While it has Persona 5 in the title, it is not developed by Atlus and there was some confusion surrounding where it might take place in the timeline of the original. Persona 5 Strikers is a direct sequel to the original entry and excludes any references to Persona 5 Royal.

P5X teased the original cast as part of its game, or at least in its gacha mechanic. As noticed by Twitter user @ScrambledFaz, who actively tested out the Beta version and shared some interesting details on the game. It seems the Beta included the first palace as well as a look at its base mechanics. The gacha and stamina systems are quite a bit concerning.

Either way, in a new post, it seems that there are a variety of films you can check out while playing the game and it may offer our first hint at when exactly the film takes place in the Persona timeline. While each story is telling its own story, they are still somewhat connected in one storyline. Going by these posters, it seems the game may take place ten years after the original in 2026.

There is, however, one aspect that adds some confusion. As also pointed out by Faz, there’s a calendar in the main character’s room that seemingly reveals a 2022 date. While it still seemingly takes place in the future, it does add some confusion on where exactly the latest entry will place.

Perhaps the poster with the King Kong reference is just when the film takes place. Either way, it takes place quite a few years after the original and it also seems like all the Persona 5 characters aren’t the characters we’ve come to love in the various games but just figments created in the guise of their original. It also makes sense given its a new story but requires a gacha mechanic to add various other characters. Perhaps we’ll see some other characters join from previous games.

Source: Twitter

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