‘Black Adam’ Set Photos Offer First Look at Hawkman Armor

After years in development hell, the Black Adam solo film has finally been set into motion, with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. With the film now in post-production, it’s poised to have quite a large appearance at DC Fandome with most of the leading cast in attendance for the event. We’re eager to get our first real look at the film after the brief teases Fandome gave us last year, like our first looks at the Justice Society of America suited up and the fallen champion himself, Black Adam in action.

New leaked photos from the production of Black Adam have given us the best look yet at Black Adam’s suit and also some of Hawkman’s armor like his iconic golden-winged helmet and his harness that features some bold pauldrons as well as some belt straps. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from these photos is the first look at Teth-Adam’s champion suit, looking strikingly similar to Supermans Kryptonian suit with the hieroglyphics detailing. The suit does seem to be a bit grayer than it is black, but could just be touched up in post.


This year’s DC Fandome event will hopefully give us an official look at the characters and their suits in a sort of “Roll Call”, like what The Suicide Squad did last year. Dwayne Johnson, Quintessa Swindel, Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, and Pierce Brosnan will all be in attendance for the Black Adam panel where we should see a much deeper dive into the film than we did last year.

SOURCE: Twitter

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