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E3: Xbox Teases ‘Halo: Infinite’s Story And Unveils First Look at Multiplayer

It has been a long wait, but Joseph Staten, one of the minds behind the original, finally unveiled their plans for the upcoming new intro in the franchise. Halo: Infinite will offer a free multiplayer experience for Xbox and PC players. After the controversy surrounding its gameplay showcase around a year ago, they returned strong with a showcase of the new world they’ve been working on as well as Master Chief in action. We even hear a familiar voice in the background, as Chief jumps across space with his new grappling hook.



They confirmed that it will release this holiday. So, you can expect multiplayer action and the new single-player story once they release the full game. The trailer also confirmed no more Red vs. Blue, which has been a mainstay of the franchise. The best part, they brought back the original announcer from the franchise.


Source: YouTube (MP)

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