REPORT: Fox Contracts Delaying the X-Men’s MCU Introduction

In 2019, Disney officially completed its acquisition and merger with 20th Century Fox, one of the biggest such mergers in entertainment history. What many fans focused on, however, was the idea that Marvel Studios gained the live-action rights to many beloved characters from the Marvel universe, such as the X-Men and The Fantastic Four. Three years removed from the excitement, we’ve yet to really see much happen aside from X-Men ’97 being made, Deadpool 3 being green lit and Kamala Khan retconned as the MCU’s first mutant and it seems there may be a reason behind that.

In a recent podcast at his Patreon, CInema Sangha, journalist Devin Faraci shared some information about the situation behind the scenes with the delayed introduction of the mutants in the MCU.

Despite the introduction of mutants at the end of Ms. Marvel, there’s no mutants in Phase 5. I know why. I know why there’s no mutants. I know why this is going to take a while. There might be individual mutants, there might be other characters that show a certain interest. The reason why is the contractual situation with the original Fox stuff is going to be in effect until 2025. So, if they don’t want to use those actors, then they have to wait until that contract all expires.

Devin Faraci

It seems like fans are gonna have to wait a while to see quite a few of the big names that they’re looking forward to seeing pop up in the MCU. The problem seems to be that some of the talent brought on by Fox have contracts that are still in effect and carried over following the acquisition of 20th Century. These actors cannot be recast until the contract concludes in 2025. This will most likely result in an X-Men likely not coming till 2026 once Phase 7 begins.

If they’re going to have stuff hitting in 2025 at the end of the contract, then they’ll announce it. But I think they actually can’t go into production until the contract’s up. So it’s not even a release – it’s the same thing with Superman. So they’re going to be Phase 7. So you’re not going to see mutants until Phase 7. There are going to be mutants that will show up after the Multiverse Saga is over.

Devin Faraci

The Illuminerdi was able to back up this claim, saying that their own sources reported that Marvel Studios is holding off on the X-Men due to talent and producers still being contractually attached to anything regarding that group of characters. Feige and company obviously would like to move in a different direction with these characters following the films produced by Fox, and would like a fresh slate to revamp many that may have been mischaracterized and underutilized in the Fox era.

For now, fans will just have to wait for X-Men ’97 to hit Disney+ next year to get their mutant fill.

SOURCE: Illuminerdi

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