Robert Egger’s ‘Nosferatu’ Picks Up Steam as it Finds New Cast

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There were a lot of theories hitting the web when Robert EggersNorthman didn’t quite become the massive box office success that many expected it to be. It still went on to make its money back through its physical and digital releases, which also seemingly boosted the chances of the director to realize his passion project, a new take on the iconic 1922 film Nosferatu. Deadline has revealed that not only is it gaining momentum, it even found a brand new cast to take on the leading roles.

It seems that Bill Skarsgard and Lily-Rose Depp are now set to star in the film for Focus Features. They are replacing original stars Harry Styles and Anya Taylor-Joy when it was set to film in 2019 for Studio 8. The project was originally going to be tackled before he took his turn at telling a Viking-based story but due to budget calculations, it was put on hold. It seems he wasn’t always going to return to the project as he looked at others but still wanted to explore the gothic tale.

It seems that Focus joining was the reason he settled on bringing his passion project to life. It seems he started meeting with talent right after and Skarsgard would take on the role of the 19th-century monster even when his previous cast was already attached. It seems he swiftly ensured he’d get time to join the project but Taylor-Joy was too busy to find time in her schedule, which led to Depp getting the role.

Source: Deadline

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