RUMOR: ‘Dead Space’ Remake Eyeing a Potential Fall 2022 Release

dead space remake release

Electronics Arts surprised many when they dropped a teaser trailer for a remake of the original Dead Space game. The new visuals for next-gen consoles were built with the iconic Frostbite engine. It dropped the trailer, teasing the space station we first visited in 2008. It went on to get two sequels, and quite a few spin-offs. Yet, we haven’t seen a new entry since 2013. So, its return is great for horror fans all over the world. It looks like Venture Beat may have gotten their hands on the release date, as their sources claim it’ll be made available next year in the fall.

There currently is still no official release date for Motive Studios’ remake. So, we have to keep in mind that production can get delayed, especially with the current pandemic still raging across the world. EA wants to reboot the franchise with the return to the USG Ishimura in the year 2508. There have been hints we’ll get a closer look at the game in action later this year, which might include some actual gameplay.


Dead Space: Entwickler wünscht sich Fortsetzung


The horror franchise has been a mainstay with its space setting and unique take on the genre. You don’t get the usual weapons, but use whatever the mining station provides. The way you take out the enemies was also something that caught people by surprise, even with the warning being sprayed on the walls. It’ll be interesting to see if they add some new elements and surprises to keep returning players on their toes.


You can check out the trailer here:

Source: YouTube, VentureBeat

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