Don’t Expect ‘Loki’s TVA in ‘What If’

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A multiverse is a crazy place. It feels like almost anything can happen, and that is exactly what Marvel Studios hopes to bank on with their upcoming animated series What If. It’ll explore the different possibilities if a slight change happens at one point in the franchise we’ve come to love over the past decade. It follows directly in the shoes of Loki, which saw the multiverse expand at the end of its final episode.  Yet, it also introduced us to the Time Variance Authority that controls what universe is allowed to grow.

Even in the finale, we learned of their new function as a new ruler took over. It made us wonder if we’ll see them at some point in the series, as they might want to prune some of these new timelines. Luckily, A.C. Bradley, the head writer of the series, confirmed that they will not appear in the series.

Basically I was like, OK, ‘I’m just going to go and show all the fun we can have in the multiverse… I’m going to show all the things that can happen and the places we can go, I’m not going to lay down any serious rules, I’m not going to touch anything to do with the TVA.’

It’s good to know, as we won’t be keeping an eye out for them at any point in the story. While it would’ve been fun to explore these different timelines with the potential threat of time-changing desk jockeys, it would’ve taken away from the main focus of this story. There’s also always the possibility to explore their story in a potential Loki spin-off that is dedicated to the TVA’s adventures throughout the multiverse.

Source: io9 via The Direct

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