RUMOR: First ‘Ms. Marvel’ Costume Tease Could Hint at Her Gaining a New Ability

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Here’s a rather interesting coincidence. One of Ms. Marvel‘s directors, Bilall Fallah, shared a drawing of the young superheroine on his Instagram. He is taking over directing duties for at least one episode alongside his Bad Boys for Life co-director, Adil El Arbi. Now, the design of Ms. Marvel is pretty iconic and is easily recognized by many fans. So, we were rather surprised when the character is sporting a purple scarf in the latest image rather than her usual red one. Luckily, user @sayyidbentley was able to grab the Instagram Story image before it expired.



Now, purple is a rather curious choice that is new to her usual color palette in the comics. It could be a visual decision that might tie to something in their story. We also see that she has her golden bangle on the arm. It just seems to be slightly smaller than the usual designs, but that could be out of practicality. Now, a recent rumor in combination with this purple scarf may be hinting at a considerable change for the character and add some validity to it We have to take every rumor with a grain of salt, but it hints at Kamala gaining a new ability. She will use a variety of constructs that connect to her bangle in some form or another.


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Now, Kamala doesn’t have these abilities in the comics, and it would be in addition to her Inhuman Embiggen powers. We do see the mentioned bangle in the design. Her purple scarf could add to the rumor, as these constructs supposedly also have the same color. Its validity is a bit questionable, but the director’s tease of the costume could give it some credence.

There is one more hint that purple will play a key role in the Disney+ series. During Disney’s Investors Day, we got a brief sizzle reel for the project. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that the newly designed “S” in the logo switches from purple to gold at the end of the sizzle reel. She also actively wears the color during some of the footage.


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Ms. Marvel will release in 2021. So, we might get our first look at the series in the upcoming months, which will hopefully offer a glimpse of these new abilities and how they might tie into the character. It would be a rather daring move to move away that far from the character’s comic depictions. For now, we can only take it as a rumor and see if we get more hints in the future.

Source: Instagram via Twitter, YouTube

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