RUMOR: Marvel Studios Chasing Academy Award-Winning Actress for Major Role in ‘Captain America: New World Order’

Captain America: New World Order has made more than its fair share of news lately as rumors of its plot have gotten fans excited about the possibilities for the 2024 film. The plot is heavily rumored to involve the discovery of Adamantium on the corpse of Tiamut, the Celestial who had been growing inside Earth and was killed in Eternals. If that’s the case, Sam Wilson’s first theatrical outing as Captain America is shaping up to be a wild ride as it will see Sam and a group of heroes foil some sort of villainous plot to obtain the Adamantium hatched by Harrison Ford‘s Thaddeus Ross, Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘ CIA Director Valentina Allegre de Fontain and Tim Blake Nelson‘s Leader. Now, a spicy new rumor sure to be a YouTube pundit pleaser has another villain joining the fray and Marvel Studios has an Oscar-winning actress in mind for the role.

Twitter user MyTimeToShineHello claims that Jessica Chastain, who as you all remember well played the memorable villain Vuk in Simon Kinberg‘s magnum opus, Dark Phoenix, is Marvel Studios’ choice for the “main villain” of Captain America: New World Order.

This is a spicy rumor, to be sure, given that whatever character Marvel Studios allegedly wants Chastain to portray is now the third character that’s been described as the main villain of the film. If the film’s plot does indeed revolve around the discovery of Adamantium on Tiamut’s body, which resides in the Indian Ocean, the rumor that the film would have multiple heroes and villains does make sense, however, as it would stand to reason that governments around the world would want to get their hands on the precious metal for their own ends. Given Chastain’s prominence and the number of juicy roles she could be up for, this rumor is one worth keeping an eye on as production on Captain America: New World Order draws nearer.

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