‘SHANG-CHI’ Concept Art Offers Closer Look at Abomination’s Redesign

abomination redesign

Shang-Chi surprised many when one of its trailers revealed the grand return of Abomination. While we knew he’ll make an appearance in She-Hulk, we only heard that Tim Roth will reprise the role. There was no mention if he’ll show up in his human form, or if he’ll look similar to what he did in 2018’s The Incredible Hulk. The trailer changed all that when we got a more comic-accurate design for the character. Many didn’t even believe it was the same character at first, but the film’s recently released revealed that it is indeed the transformed Blonsky.

The new design still kept elements from the original, and Marvel Studios Senior Visual Development Artist, Anthony Francisco, took to Instagram to share a closer look at the character’s new design. He did get the more comic-accurate ears and green skin. Yet, the concept art reveals he still retains the protruding bones from his first design. It’s somewhat difficult to make out in the film but we might get a closer look once the Disney+ series drops.

It’s a great design and Marvel Studios likely will utilize these assets in the Disney+ series with some minor tweaks here or there. We’ll see if they point out the new design in the series, as Mark Ruffalo‘s Bruce Banner might be surprised. It would be perfect if Blonsky fights back by pointing out that he looks different from their last encounter. Hopefully, the wait isn’t too long until we get our first look at the legal comedy and the wacky part of the MCU it’ll introduce us to.

Source: Instagram

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