‘She-Hulk’ Will Debut a “Lighter Side” of Daredevil

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law creator and head writer says that the character of Daredevil will be lighter than his previous Netflix appearances.

It has been a dramatic ride for Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, in his return to the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From the #SaveDaredevil campaign, Cox’s cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and the recent announcement that Daredevil: Born Again, it is clear that Daredevil is set to make a significant impact on the MCU proper years after the Netflix Daredevil series.

Most recently, Cox has been confirmed to portray Daredevil in the upcoming Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and was teased in the show’s official trailer. Though his appearance is brief, it is obvious that Murdock is donning a yellow Daredevil suit rather than the red one fans of the Netflix series were accustomed to.

Now, She-Hulk series creator and head writer Jessica Gao has opened up about how the show approached Daredevil as he appears in the series. In an interview with The Direct, Gao teased a not-so-dark interpretation of the beloved character:

“What was so fun about bringing him and Daredevil into our world is that people have already seen a Daredevil who is very dramatic, little bit on the heavy side, very dark, brooding…And it was so fun to be able to do–and we do this with every character cameo from the MCU–is we take them from the environment that you know them from, which is a much more dramatic and action-oriented role, much more on the serious side, and we bring them into our world and they get to play in the tone of She-Hulk. And they got to explore and we get to see a lighter side of that character.”

—Jessica Gao

While some will be eager to see a new side of the live-action character, others have grown attached to the darker and grittier version of Daredevil that came out of the Netflix series. As Gao notes, Daredevil in She-Hulk is not the final word on how the MCU will work with the superhero. The writer makes it clear that the half-hour comedy series was able to play around with Cox’s character in contrast to how the character may otherwise exist in the broader MCU down the line.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will premiere on Disney+ on August 18.

Source: The Direct

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