‘Sonic Frontier’s Ending Makes a ‘Sonic Boom’ Character Canon

sonic frontiers canon

Sonic Frontiers has finally released and offered Sonic the Hedgehog fans a very different kind of entry. While some staples remain, it’s the first true attempt by Sonic Team to offer something that is open world-esque and while it’s not perfect, it might be the most emotional story set in the franchise since perhaps the Sonic Adventure games. Interestingly enough, there’s a curious little detail for those that manage to finish the game at any difficulty.

If you haven’t played through Sonic Frontiers yet, be wary of spoilers to the ending and first post-credit sequence ahead.

After the first credits roll and you managed to escape Cyber Space with your friends Tails, Amy, and Knuckles. You get a small cutscene as they set out from the island on Tail’s plane, the Tornado. Yet, briefly before, each character hints at their big plans after the events of this adventure; which recently was hinted as potential DLC with all three playable at some point in 2023. During this cutscene, Amy drops the line confirming that a Sonic Boom character is canon in the mainline franchise.

I wonder if Cream and Sticks are free?


For those that might not know, Sticks the Bader is a character first introduced in the Sonic Boom franchise, which was an attempt to reboot the franchise. The game was riddled with bugs and ended the franchise long before it even got a chance to get going but it seems they still had some plans for the character moving forward. Perhaps it’s a hint that Sticks could appear as part of the upcoming DLC that is scheduled for next year.

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