Sony Kicks-Off ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Oscar Campaign for Best Picture

spider man no way home oscars

We’ve heard rumblings of Sony’s interest in trying to nab an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, especially after Spider-Man: No Way Home reignited the international box office, as well as its critical reception. Given how much money the film made, Sony saw the opportunity and has seemingly already started its “For Your Consideration” campaign, as shared by @mavericksmovies. They are all-in, hoping to nab as many nominations as they can and there are high hopes for that Best Picture. If it does manage to get one, it would be the second Marvel Studios project to accomplish this following Black Panther in 2018.

The pictures are in low-resolution, as they aren’t officially released. They can be commonly found through various sites that are frequented by people in the industry to get their attention. It’s not uncommon, as these competitions are just as much about personal preference by the judges, as well as what film grabs their attention. In a year like 2021, there aren’t many films that left this strong of an impact and it’ll be interesting to see if the superhero genre has a chance at joining the nomination once again.

Source: Twitter

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