Star Wars Reveals Premiere Date for the Third and Final Season of ‘The Bad Batch’

Even before Lucasfilm officially announced a third and final season of the animated series, the emotional two-part finale of the second season of The Bad Batch made it all but a sure thing. After trying so hard to leave the merc life behind them and settle down as a family, Clone Force 99 saw everything they worked for shattered. There’s work to do and hell to pay and now we know when we can expect to see their last mission get underway.

In a thrilling first trailer for the final season of The Bad Batch, Lucasfilm revealed that the first 3 episodes of Season 3 will stream on Disney Plus on February 21st.

If the announcement of the debut date wasn’t exciting enough for you, the trailer also revealed that fan-favorite Asajj Ventress has somehow returned from the grave. Throughout the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the 2015 novel The Dark Disciple, Ventress embarked on a fascinating journey that ultimately led to her redeeming herself, finding her way to the light side of the Force and sacrificing herself to save Quinlan Vos. It will be incredibly interesting to see how Dave Filoni retcons her death but if her appearance is a hint of what’s to come in the final season, fans are in for something special.

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