‘Strange World’ Scores Disney Animation’s Worst CinemaScore

strange world

Here’s a shocker, the latest animated film by Disney Animation, Strange World, has seemingly gotten a B CinemaScore from the general audience. For those that may not know, CinemaScore is an analysis conducted based on cinema-goers after watching a film. It’s a rather rough showcase of overall interest in film but mostly is used to get a feeling for how a film will perform at the box office. Disney Animation has been very consistent and always got at least an A-. So, this marks the first time ever that a Disney Animation film got a B score.

What makes this interesting is that Strange World has barely been advertised for a Thanksgiving release. With weaker word-of-mouth, keep in mind that this scoring is very frontloaded, it’ll hurt the film even more considering it pulled ina rather disappointing $800K in its opening previews. It looks like the high-budget film will only make around $40M or less over the Thanksgiving holiday. While the animation isn’t always the biggest box office draw, it’s still not a good sign for a production that cost $180M.

Earlier this year, we’ve seen a similar issue with Lightyear, Pixar’s latest release that was seemingly struggling at the box office. Though, outside of two productions, most films were underperforming throughout the year as we’re still seeing the ripples from the pandemic on the market. Yet, as animation has seemingly not gained any momentum over the weekend, Minions: The Rise of Gru, one of the two productions mentioned previously, has pulled in $937.8M.

Source: Twitter, Variety

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