SUMMER GAME FEST: Eddie Brock Will Not Become Venom in ‘Spider-Man 2’

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Summer Game Fest has finally arrived and with E3 no longer happening, it’s likely our biggest event for gaming news. While we didn’t get a new trailer for Spider-Man 2, we did get some great reveals and confirmations. The biggest is that the one major character confirmed for quite some time to appear in the game was finally focused on again. Besides some beautiful artwork, we now also find out that the character won’t be who we thought it is.

The first look of Venom seemingly hinted at the design we’re used to that Eddie Brock ends up with when the symbiote takes him over after Peter Parker. Yet, the game’s director Bryan Intihar has confirmed that this is, in fact, not Eddie Brock but someone else. Naturally, they did not reveal who exactly that’ll be, and this has kept us wondering.

There are many possible candidates. Most might think it’s Harry Osborne given we saw him fused with what looked like the symbiote in the first game. It’s a good chance that it’ll be him but they might also play around with the idea of it being Kraven the Hunter that ends up getting overtaken, which would match with him being one of the main big bads of the game.

They could also have Dr. Curt Connors whose Lizard DNA might create the monstrous version of the character. Until the October 20th release, we might not know but it’s fun to guess. We’ll have to see if future trailers might offer more teases of who it’ll be and what it means for the character in this story.

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