Great Caeser’s Ghost: ‘Superman’ Casts Wendell Pierce as a Daily Planet Mainstay

Great Ceaser’s ghost!

Production in DC Studios’ Superman is underway and while the vast majority of the cast has been revealed in the past several months, the role of one of the property’s most well-known supporting characters had yet to be filled…until now.

According to THR’s Aaron Couch and Borys Kit, Wendell Pierce (The Wire, Amazon’s Jack Ryan) has joined the project as Daily Planet E-I-C Perry White.

If you’ve seen Pierce’s work as James Greer alongside John Krasinski in Jack Ryan, you might just have seen the template for the way he’ll play White in director James Gunn‘s Superman.

Pierce joins Jackie Cooper, Lane Smith, Frank Langella and Laurence Fishburne as those who have brought the gruff don’t call him chief of the Daily Planet.

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