SWCA: Clone Troopers Spotted in First ‘Andor’ Trailer

andor troopers

During the Star Wars Celebration, we finally got our first look at the upcoming Rogue One prequel, Andor. It teases a rather interesting look at what the galaxy looks like under the Empire’s rule, but there are also some curious details hidden away in the trailer. The biggest one may be that while we assumed it took place five years before Rogue One, it looks like during this time, Clone Troopers were still active.

The iconic Storm Troopers we know from the original trilogy have become an iconic aspect of the entire franchise, but one can clearly see that the face plates are closer to those we see in the Prequel trilogy. It’s unclear if they are still actual clones of Jango Fett, but we may get a glimpse on how the Empire turned the original troopers into the one’s we know from the original trilogy.

It’s a great little detail that just highlights how we are continuing to explore the overlapping history of this galaxy. There are many corners and timelines that we haven’t seen during the live-action adaptations so far. We’ll see if future trailers may potentially also further hint at if these are indeed Clone Troopers and how it may connect to the Storm Troopers at some point going into the final four years before the events of Rogue One.

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