SWCA: New Plans for ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’s Next Phase Revealed

high republic next phase

Star Wars Celebration has given us some interesting surprises, and as the panel has now been underway for the future of the High Republic era, we also got some news on their plans for the future. To kick-off, it looks like the next entry of the franchise will act as a prequel to the recently released books. It seems the creators want to echo George Lucas’ way of telling these stories, as he did with the original before tackling the prequels. It also gave us a new look at the updated logo for the series. This phase is set to kick off October 4th this year.

They confirmed that the next book will be Quest of the Jedi, and showed off a bunch of new characters that offer a hint at how this new era works, such as Chancellor Greylark and Chancellor Mollo.

They also unveiled that the Pathfinders, Jedi, and the Republic will be working together during this prequel era of the High Republic.

They also revealed two new Jedi that work on Jedha, which include Matthea Cathley and Oliviah Zeveron.

They are also working on a new manga and Dark Horse comic as revealed during the panel. So, it looks like those that are enjoying the High Republic will have a lot more to look forward to in this new prequel era. Here are some of the ones that were shown off during the event:

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