‘The Marvels’ EP Confirms the Post-Credit Scene’s Uncanny Inspiration

The final scene of Marvel Studios’ action-packed The Marvels, which features Kamala Khan recruiting Kate Bishop to join a team of young heroes, was clearly inspired by the MCU’s first-ever stinger which introduced Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury as he recruited Tony Stark after the events of Iron Man concluded. The post-credit scene to The Marvels hit hard as well and while it’s inspiration might not have been quite as apparent to moviegoers, we had a hunch we knew exactly where it came from and now Executive Producer Mary Livanos has confirmed that suspicion in an interview with EW.

The scene features Teyonah Parris‘ Monica Rambeau waking up in an alternate universe and coming face-to-face with a super-powered Variant of her mother, Maria, played once again by Lashana Lynch. While it’s not the first time a powered up Variant of Maria has been seen on screen, this particular Variant was hanging out with the X-Men and going by the name Binary which seemed like a nod to author Chris Claremont’s beloved run on Marvel Comics Uncanny X-Men in which Carol Danvers spent quite a bit of time with the mutant super team. According to Livanos, that’s exactly what went down.

The notion that Monica ends up in an alternate universe with the hope that it could tie in with the X-Men was something I always had on my to-do list. I love how in the comics, Carol Danvers as Binary spends some time with the X-Men in space,” explained Livanos of the inspiration for the tag. “I’m so delighted that Kevin [Feige] and folks were stoked about the idea of Binary and the fact that she does fit into the X-Men universe. As a fan, I was just absolutely floored and delighted that we got to get Beast in there and have a big old X, right behind Binary. It was bananas.

As for how Kelsey Grammer, who first appeared as Beast in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand, ended up back in character for the first time in nearly a decade, Livanos said that was all Marvel Studios One Above All. “Kevin Feige just called him up! Kevin, of course, worked on the X-Men films back in the day, so they have their own wonderful relationship. We were just so lucky to have him.” Only a couple of years ago, Grammer expressed an interest in returning to the role so it’s unlikely Feige had to twist his arm for this appearance; however, given the way The Marvels ended, it seems possible the actor might get at leat one more chance to voice Dr. McCoy in the future.

Source: EW

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