‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Trailer Teases Gorr’s Arrival With a Comic Reference

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After many discussions on what exactly happened to it, the first teaser trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder has arrived. Surprisingly, Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher is noticeably absent in the first teaser. We did get our first look through a toy leak that showed he was quite a departure from the comics, but it seems like they’ll still take some inspiration from the original Thor run that introduced the character.

Comic Book’s @adambarndhardt was the first to notice a great detail that fans of the original comic run might love. For those that don’t know, the beast that has seemingly been slain in the snow is Falligar, The Behemoth and we see his dead body in the comic panel from Thor #3. He was a patron god of the galactic frontier that was found dead as Thor traveled the galaxy. What sets the fear in the God of Thunder is that the beast was able to wrestle black holes and was the champion of the Tournament of Immortals. He even was a friend of his, which might also come to play in the film.

Here’s a good look at the entire panel this scene is inspired by:

His apparent death might also be our first real indicator of the horrors and destruction that Gorr will leave in his wake. He isn’t called the God Butcher for no reason, and it seems that they will stick quite closely to that. The fact we even got a one-to-one adaptation of an iconic comic panel is such a great touch, as it’s hard to beat out the visual of the original and shows director Taika Waititi’s love for the comic series that inspired his upcoming story. It’ll be interesting if future trailers will continue to keep him a secret.

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