Thor Wears His Original Comic Costume in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Trailer

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The trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder just keeps on giving, as we’ve already looked for a few iconic elements that we can expect from the upcoming July release. Not only did we see Natalie Portman’s first appearance as Mighty Thor, but even a tease of Russell Crowe’s Zeus, which he teased a long time ago was going to be in the film. After rewatching the trailer one more time, there’s another cute Easter egg hidden in the opening of the trailer.

As we see a young Thor running and aging up in his pursuit, we briefly get a younger version of Thor in a comic-accurate costume. Not only does he have his winged helmet, which he swiftly dropped after briefly wearing it in the first Thor film, he even has the blacktop with the breastplates. He also has his yellow bandages wrapped around his leg going out of his yellow boots. So, it’s pretty close to the original Jack Kirby design.

It’s unclear what exactly is even going on in this opening,a sit seems like he is jogging through a park turning into his older version. We see that a lot of this film will be about Thor trying to figure out what to do with himself, it may be part of an internal journey that he goes through. Who knows if his eventual conflict with Gorr might also force him to reflect on his past. Whatever it may be, it’s great to see the inclusion of such comic costumes.

You can watch the trailer right here:

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