‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Trailer Offers First Look at Zeus and the Olympians

thor lov eand thunder zeus

Well, after a long wait the first trailer has finally dropped for Thor: Love and Thunder. While the big takeaway is our first look at Natalie Portman‘s return to the franchise in the form of Mighty Thor, it also gave us one more surprise. In the middle of the trailer, we see someone catch what seems like a metal lightning bolt, only for the trailer to pull out and reveal that what we are seeing is the Greek god Zeus. Not just that, but we even get various teases of the Olympus and the many gods that reside there.

While it’s our first look and may catch many off-guard, Russell Crowe accidentally just revealed who he was playing back in April of 2021 in an interview. So, it’s very likely they are still trying to keep him a secret, but going by his own statements that are likely him in the role of ruling over the Olympians. It’ll be interesting to see if he has any interactions with Thor, as both are thunder-based gods before Gorr arrives.

The overall design of Olympus looks impressive and there are some great touches here. The characters surrounding Thor are wearing traditional Greek clothing that one would expect from the gods, and it seems like they are still stuck in time. In the trailer, we even see a statue of Zeus. So, he might be quite full of himself. Thor and Korg are spotted in the trailer on this planet, if it is one, as well. So, they might arrive to warn them only for Gorr to follow shortly after. Whatever that might be, it might be the only time we see this pantheon on screen.

You can watch the full trailer here:

Source: YouTube

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