Tom Hiddleston Teases Loki’s Big Change in ‘WHAT IF…?’

The Marvel Studios machine is running in high gear. Even as we approach the final of Season One of Loki, we are only just a few weeks away from Marvel Studios next Disney Plus series, What If…?, the studio’s first foray into a canonical animated series. What If…? will see how changes to significant events in the MCU (like Peggy Carter becoming a super soldier instead of Steve Rogers) would have changed reality. Marvel Studios star Tom Hiddleston appeared on last night’s Tonight Show to talk with host Jimmy Fallon about both projects. In describing the premise of What If…?, Hiddleston teased what’s in store for Loki and may have given a slight spoiler for his character’s episode of the upcoming series.

We know that the other storylines mentioned by Hiddleston are accurate, so it would seem like Loki’s change of familial circumstance might be too; however, we are talking about the man who has played the God of Mischief more than a few times, so it’s possible he’s pulling our legs. It’s also possible, maybe even probable, that with all the Variant Lokis we’ve met in Loki we might be getting more than one episode featuring a Loki in some way. The recent trailer shows Loki using the Casket of Ancient Winters, last seen in Thor, so maybe we’ll get a Loki who has invaded Asgard and cleared out the vault before heading to the other realms to conquer them as well.

What If…? is set to debut on Disney Plus on August 11th.


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