‘WandaVision’: Westview is Toying With Vision

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Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany as Vision in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

WandaVision is a fascinating project for Marvel Studios. It is their first officially released long-form story that spans multiple weeks. After over ten years of films, we’ve come to have certain expectations on what defines a Marvel Studios project. Suddenly, they throw all of that out of the window for a mystery thriller series focused on Wanda and Vision. On top of all that, the show kicked off with three episodes that were primarily sitcoms from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. We then break up the pace by watching people within the Marvel Cinematic Universe watching the show within the hexagon that surrounds Westview. Darcy Lewis is echoing us as viewers that are witnessing everything unfold within the sitcom show. Yet, there something only we can see. It seems that Wanda and the town are desperate to keep Vision in check and distract him from uncovering the truth.


There will be some spoilers for the latest episode. Only continue at your own risk if you haven’t watched the latest episode yet and wish to avoid all spoilers.


Every sitcom episode seems to unravel Wanda’s control over Westview. The initial Dick van Dyke Show tribute only really fell apart in the final few minutes, as Mr. Hart almost suffocated on a strawberry. Yet, if you rewatch the episode, Vision was already suspicious while questioning what exactly his day job was. He was too drunk in the second to notice anything, but once we hit the 70s, reality started to seep in. It was hard enough for him to make sense of his wife giving birth to twins in a matter of hours. Herb cutting through a brick wall without blinking an eye was the last straw for him to realize that something is off. If only Wanda didn’t rewind to ensure he wouldn’t notice. After a short intermission in the MCU, we’ve finally arrived in the 80s.


Here is where things get interesting. Vision still plays along most of the time, but Wanda’s control over the town has mostly fallen apart. Agnes randomly asks if they should redo a shot before returning to the usual format. Wanda uses her magic in public without caring to hide it anymore. I mean, the twins age from babies to 10 years of age within no time at all. Naturally, all of this starts to make Vision question what is happening around him. He manages to break Norm out of Wanda’s control over him to realize what exactly is happening around him. It leads to a confrontation between the two, where we uncover that Vision has no memories of his time before they arrived in Westview. At that very moment, an iconic knock distracts at the perfect time and derail the conversation.

Wanda confirms that she was not responsible for that. In a way, it feels like Westview or the hex that surrounds it was trying to distract them. We might even have evidence that the next episode will do something similar. A major reveal is that Vision notices there are no children in the town. Wanda tries to distract from that question, but it is true. Even with the “For the Children” line from the second episode, we only met the twins. Yet, if you look closely at past trailers for the upcoming Halloween episode, we suddenly see children. We already know it won’t work going by the official teasers, but it may be hinting at a greater force trying to ensure that Vision remains in Westview. There might be a chance Wanda’s new guest could have something to do with it.


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