‘Xbox Series S’ Officially Revealed After Leak

It’s amazing that anything can be kept a secret nowadays. For quite some time now, the rumored Xbox Series S seemed to be all but confirmed. A cheaper and lighter version of the next-gen console had been teased for some time. The only thing we were waiting for was an official announcement by Microsoft. All we knew was its name and that was the extent of it. Suddenly, a YouTuber by Brad Sams revealed the console in all its glory. Not just that, he also stated that it would cost $299. The only uncertainty was if it would support a disc-drive similar to how PlayStation offered a purely digital version. Many wondered if this was real, or if it was just another fake mock-up. Well, let’s just say Xbox’s first reaction towards this leak was rather fitting.

Yeah, in a hilarious turn similar to Avengers: Age of Ultron “Damn Hydra!” tweet back in the day, Xbox fully acknowledged the leaks. It wasn’t until an hour later that they finally revealed the console in an official tweet with our first look at what we can expect from the next-gen console.

It’s very obvious this wasn’t planned to be unveiled until their upcoming Xbox Showcase event. There is also a video making the rounds that confirms this console will be digital-only. It promises many of the functions that will define the next generation like faster loading times. The 512 GB storage is rather disappointing given that most next-gen games look to be around 100 GB in size. It also is interesting how the design seems to pay tribute to the last generation while Series X is closer to the original. The price is also great at around $299. This is the first price that was ever revealed for a next-gen console. This means we will also get the price for Xbox Series X in the event. It also means that PlayStation 5 will most likely get its price confirmed in the near future.

Source: Brad Sams via Window Central, The Verge

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