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Dwayne Johnson’s ‘BLACK ADAM’ Confirmed to Introduce Hawkgirl

DC Entertainment’s Black Adam will mark the big screen debut of the Justice Society of America, a team that I can confirm will include Hawkgirl. The studio is casting for an actress, 20-30 years old, for the role in the film which will begin production in July of 2020.

As I first reported in March, Black Adam will feature JSA members Hawkman, Atom Smasher and Stargirl. It was later reported that Doctor Fate and Isis will also be in the film, a report I can also confirm. However, many fans were left to speculate whether or not we’d also see some iteration of Hawkman’s ever present partner, Hawkgirl and now that speculation can be set to rest.

The studio continues the search for for actors to fill the lead roles of Hawkman and Isis, as well as the supporting roles of Stargirl, Atom Smasher, Doctor Fate and, now, Hawkgirl. With the film expected to generate potential spinoff films for either the individual characters and/or the JSA, the studio is being patient as the potential cast members could very well lead their own franchises one day.

Black Adam, which is expected in theaters on December 22, 2021, tells the story of a “champion turned villain whose quest for dominance over all magic drives him to destroy anything that stands in his path.”

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  • Billy Roderick

    Please give us a live action Shayera Hol or Thal, I like Kendra Saunders but Shayera is the one that now needs to appear.

  • Necromancer

    About an old scoop: I remember a “scoop” (not yours, I believe) about Priyanka Chopra and Sofia Butella being considered for a role in an MCU movie. People assumed they were being considered for the role of Sersi, but are we sure? My personal theory is that Clea was/is that role. Personally, either of them would make a great Clea. I’d love it if Clea was a woman of color (they could tap the growing Indian market with an Indian actress imo). Last time she showed up in the comics, she looked like she was intentionally drawn as ambiguously ethnic, opening up casting possibilities for a future Doctor Strange film.

  • Liz

    But which origin are they going for? Will she be Thanagarian or an Egyptian priestess?

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