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EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Studios Disney Plus Series ‘MOON KNIGHT’ Set to Film in the UK

With two shows already in production in Atlanta and two more set to follow in 2020, Marvel Studios will make the move to Pinewood UK to film Moon Knight.

While no start date was given, it’s possible to deduce that the series could film in Pinewood in between the productions of Eternals (ending in early 2020) and Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness (expected to begin filming sometime in the summer of 2020), should all things remain on schedule. If that’s the case, we could be hearing casting news sometime early next month once Hollywood returns from holiday.

With the confirmation of Ms. Marvel beginning production next April and the possibility of Moon Knight filming in the first half of 2020, it seems more and more likely that the Phase 4 slate as it was originally planned may be undergoing some restructuring and we may be getting a lot more Marvel Studios content in 2020 and/or 2021 than was originally believed.

Filming in the UK allows for easier access to other locations abroad and given the importance of Egypt to the origin of Moon Knight, it’s very likely we’ll see the production move around, using Pinewood UK as the base camp and studio location while they fly to Egypt, or whatever location doubles as Egypt. As with all Marvel Studios productions, it’s possible it’ll film in various locations and could certainly shoot some scenes in Atlanta as well as locations all over the U.S. and Europe.

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  • Tony Estrella

    This is one of those shows that the casting is so critical to its success. Besides F&WS this is the series I most excited for! Who will be Marc Spector? Do you think Marvel will get it right? Do you agree?

  • Garfield Mead

    Yes I totally agree with you

    • John

      I just hope Marvel has total control and Disney dont getting their fingers in it. Cuz Moon Knight it's not a feel-good superhero

  • Garfield Mead

    I wonder if they are still going for the Jewish male lead?

  • John

    I just hope Marvel has total control and Disney dont getting their fingers in it. Cuz Moon Knight it's not a feel-good superhero

  • Jewish Dracula

    No offense but I hope Marvel/Disney cast a Jewish lead that's not Ashkenazi. Give us non-Ashkenazim Jews some rep!

  • Actually Not Sailor Moon

    Unrelated quick question: What have you heard about the inclusion of LGBT characters in future phases? Any news on the inclusion of LGBT characters in any future film or D+ show? Last I heard Ikaris was going to be the first out character. Then Valkyrie getting "her queen" was announced at the CC panel. Then Kevin Feige said there were not one but two LGBT characters in The Eternals, with some people saying the second one was Phastos. I also heard a rumor once that Baron Mordo might be among the LGBT characters revealed in the future? Personally, I think that having at least one LGBT character per film is a decent plan. Anyway, I'm just a gay guy that wants to see my people lmao Thanks for reading and for all the articles, dude!

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